Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Dangers of Trance Meditation

John Knapp LSMW has a page on his website dedicated to the possible addiction of Trance Meditations. The years of doing the meditation techniques at the institute left me with serious problems that did not start to dissapate untill I completely stopped using them altogether. After I was introduced to the techniques (IE tools) in my beginning classes during the late 1980's I began using them in earnest and meditated for an hour every day for quite some time. I had no idea at the time what I was getting myself involved with.

I began experiencing things I could not explain. I now know I was experiencing perceptual distortions IE Ghost in the Mirror Effect, minor hallucinations (auditory and visual), dissociation and hypomania. The hypomania is addictive! VERY ADDICTIVE! I was dealing with a mild depression at the time and the hypomania was so much more wonderful and I hated going back into those depressed states.

The low grade depression is now completely gone with the help of exercise, proper dietary habits, planned pleasurable activities, a quiet and peaceful home and also because of non-trance meditation.

One thing which I have been using my meditation time for is "recuperation" from intensive workouts. I work out 6 days a week, 3 days running and 3 days doing yoga and weights. Immediately following my workout, I sit zazen for 1/2 an hour and then sit in a recliner for 1/2 an hour more to get completely relaxed. The results are astounding and I am recovering from my intense workouts with much more ease than before. But I am not trancing anymore! Thank goodness!

Trancing and playing with perhaps biofeedback triggers in our minds is not safe, sane or healthy. Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) are one of the last areas scientists are looking at and slowly we are coming to an awareness that they are not things we should be playing around with. But to many cults and other orgs use it heavily. BPI most certainly was no exception to this rule. The whole basis of their success was based on getting people in trance, keeping them in trance, and fleecing them of their money while making them think they were "developing spiritually." In all due respect we were being taken closer and closer to a psychotic break and mania. The signs and symptoms are exactly the same when you compare them. I have the clinical knowledge to discern them and the experience to know them. Not to many people do!


  1. pema Jul 8, 2011 05:20 AM
    Hi Josey,
    I can't find a way to write to you personally on this site. I may exist but not obvious to me. I am unhappy about the tone and content of this blog. It appears to me to be 100% negative. Everything on it appears to be critical -- some of it blatantly crude propaganda. A blog which gives a balanced, mature perspective on the pros and as well as the cons of esoteric spiritual practice is much needed. It needs a recogniseable authorial voice. It needs wise comment that avoids hyperbole and steers clear of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. At the moment it appears to be anthology of critical comment scavenged from the internet. In its present form it will not be taken seriously by informed commentators.

  2. joseyJul 8, 2011 12:43 PM
    I think what you mean by crude propaganda is how the kalacakra tantra goes into discussion on the use of children in sexual ritual, as well as giving them alcohol and sweets. You will find that these things are written about in the tantras, and that, yes, you need to have ritual sex in order to become enlightened. This opens the way for much abuse in Tibetan Buddhism.

    I have nothing good to say about Tibetan Buddhism. Sorry. I have heard enough from women, and I have read enough to sicken me, and this came from just reading the Commentary of the Kalacakra Tantra that was written by a Tibetan lama who didn't expect this forbidden text to reach the public. This also comes from being on a Tibetan Buddhism forum where a lama admitted to the need of sex for enlightenment, the drinking of alcohol and the use of urine and feces, as in taking them orally. And this come from my own teacher who saw fit to lie to me and continued until I told him that I had read the Kalacakra and so goodbye. I hate abuse in any way, especially that of innocent people, and I hate how eastern teachings just say, "It was their karma, and then dismiss it.

    All we hear is positive things about Tibetan Buddhism, so I am giving the other side of the story. Anytime things are held secret something is amiss. The Buddha said that he taught nothing in secret. When I learned that my ex teacher was teaching kalacakra and talked about seminal retention, I had to get the texts to see what was going on. And when I caught him lying about it, well, that also bothered me. I have never met a guru who didn't lie.

    And speaking of mantra meditation. I have been in religions that taught mantra and saw the damage done. Dr. Margaret Singer did as well, and so I posted her findings on mantra meditation as well as the dissertation by a psychologist. These are here on my blog under Meditation-Related Psychosis and Dangers of Meditation. For many people meditation can be helpful, but my blog is to let people know of the dangers, after all enough has been written about the positive aspects of it.