Thursday, August 4, 2011

There is no Soul is a Guru Manipulation

by Bronte Baxter

I don’t believe in the Eastern dogma that there is no individual self. While consciousness is universal, it is also unique for all of us. When I say “I,” it is distinct from what you refer to when you say “I.” Telling us there is no unique “I,” or soul, is one major way gurus get people to give up all the things about themselves that would be useful in defeating the New World Order. Why care what happens in this world if it is just an illusion anyway and I myself as a person am even just an illusion? Better to renounce everything earthly and focus on what’s real, that other world. That kind of thinking allows those who want to control this world to do so unchallenged.

Their teaching is a manipulation of the truth that all things are made of consciousness and held in place/changed by consciousness. The gurus don’t tell you that. They twist that ever so slightly and say, “The world is nothing but illusion.” That’s true in a sense, but only as a portion of the truth. The important part they leave out is that all beings co-create this illusory 3-D reality and that we can change and manipulate it through thought and intention. That truth is empowering, and that’s the part they don’t want you to know."

Meditation that simply focuses the attention on the consciousness within can be very useful, in my experience, as long as no deity or mantra is involved and no teacher is telling you that “you” don’t really exist. Do I believe in enlightenment? Not the way it’s defined these days. I believe the Eastern definition of enlightenment is a very dangerous thing to aim for. Rather, I believe in self-empowerment, empathetic kindness and spiritual exploration. I don’t think there’s a point of arrival for those who empirically explore the inner or invisible dimensions. There’s always more to experience and know, just as in the material world. That’s what makes life an endless adventure.

Note by me: Actually I like these thoughts and rather agree in most ways.

The blog above, Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment is interesting and informative.

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  1. Good point. They teach you that you have no self, then they get you to meditate on the guru. So you empty your mind of yourself, and fill it up with the guru. Voila! Transformation complete!

    No wonder so many people fall for the guru biz, I mean--how many people decide to become charismatic gurus. Turns out it's pretty easy to talk people into becoming mindless thralls. Pretty tempting for those with an egomaniacal bent.