Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Science of Yoga by William Board, Book Review

Submitted by GU
As a person who suffered whip lash from my first Hatha Yoga lesson, I really don't wish for people to be discouraged from reading this book due to a lot of negative responds by yoga instructors. This reminds me of how whenever a guru has been exposed for sexual indiscretions his/her disciples gather around to refute the allegations because they can't believe that their guru has done anything wrong; they have a lot invested in believing that their guru is celibate. Yoga instructions have a lot invested just as religious organizations. One won't tell you the harm in Hatha; the other in meditation. Both because it spells out money for them.

Finally, a two times Pulitzer Prize winner, William Board, who is read by many, has exposed this teaching.

My purpose for reading the book was not because I was interesting in Hatha Yoga; I lost interest in it after suffering whip lash. My interest was this:

"Hatha Yoga", as Broad pointed out, "came from a sex cult, tantra." As I learned in doing my own research this last year, Hatha Yoga is used to strengthen the body for use in the long drawn out meditations that are combined with the sex act. (For example, in the Kriya yoga system they do Japa while having sex.) So a yogi must be able to sustain the sexual act for a long period of time, because in the Hindu yogic system, as well as Tibetan Buddhism, sexual intercourse combined with meditation is necessary for enlightenment, just as Broad has pointed out. Here is a comment by a famous Tibetan Buddhist:

"Lama Thubten Yeshe (Introduction to Tantra, 147) wrote:

"There is a certain point in the mastery of the completion stage where physically embracing a consort is necessary . . . ."

Je Tsong Khapa who founded the Gelugpas, agreed that to attain Buddha-hood in one lifetime, it is necessary to use an actual consort (karma mudra) saying,

"A female companion is the basis of accomplishment of liberation."


So it is a package deal just as Board also wrote: "Spiritually, the objective of the yogi was to achieve a blissful state of consciousness in which the male and female aspects of the universe merged into a realization of oneness. That union (the word "yoga: means union) resulted in enlightenment. But a main path was sexual ecstasy-a veiled part of the agenda that modern research has recently uncovered."

Recently uncovered? Gurus have been doing this for thousands of years and sex cults existed from the beginning of time. Why are we all just learning about it? Well, I only learned about it a year ago and left Tibetan Buddhism as a result, because this teaching, as taught by the lamas, was to be kept secret, which is why we are only now learning about it. It took a photo to open my eyes--a photo of a woman on a Buddha's lap having sex. That is when I questioned my own teacher, was lied to, and so bought the book, Kalacakra Tantra (A Commentary On The) by Geshe Lharampa Ngawang Dhargyey, had my eyes opened and left Tibetan Buddhism. (This is also the Dalai Lama's teaching, by the way. And the lama who wrote this commentary was sent to America by him to teach this teachings.)

So, I am very grateful to William Broad for opening the eyes of many.

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